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Statsguru.net born in the year 2014 with an idea to provide web's best business resources to user's in every possible way topic ranging from local, business, marketing, capital to educational sites and more. We are not limited to give you only top websites, we also featured with powerful search engine which gives website's full statistics, i.e. site rankings, estimated traffic details, site location, estimated earnings for more please use our search feature with a valid domain name. In the coming days we will enable some more new features.

Privacy Policy

Statsguru.net believes in privacy and also understands how important it is, We respect your privacy and also gives you a first priority. We hereby declare you that the information which we are taking from you is never and ever share with the third party for any commercial or personal benefits. Statsguru gathers up the information for the statsguru.net development and effective working of website features.

When you visit the website you will be seeing fewer advertisements which is served by Google Adsense and other on this ad serving process, we are not collecting any of your personal information like Name, Email, Telephone, etc..

In some cases, If you're not agreeing to our privacy policy, please do not use our website we appreciate your decision.

Terms And Conditions

To use the Statsguru.net website and its resources or contents, you strongly need to agree and follow all the terms and conditions of the statsguru.net website which are given below. Please note the terms and conditions are subject to the periodic change.

The usage of this website's content is on your own risk. Directly or indirectly statsguru.net is not responsible for the damage caused by our content to you.

The information which is given by you and the information which is generated by us is totally estimated, not guaranteed that it is true and the content is generated for entertainment so we strongly recommend not to take personally.

Please note The traffic and earning report generated is estimated only and not accurate, also not true. Please do not take our generated report as granted and don't go for any financial steps like sale, buy, money involved situations.

Please review all the above terms and conditions properly and read regularly.

Still, if you have any questions regarding these privacy policies, terms and conditions you may contact us through the contact us page.